To enrich the quality of the social and spiritual life in this area, Hamilton Downtown Mosque has been offering a number of essential services to the community.  Some of these services are:

  1. Spiritual Services:

– Five Daily Congregational prayers (call Mosque for up to date times)

– Friday Sermon and Prayer (1:30 P.M.)

– Eid Al-Fitr Sermon and Prayer (Post Ramadaan)           – Eid Al-Adha Sermon & Prayer (Post Pilgrimage)

– Taraweeh (Night Prayers) & Tahajjud (Late night prayers): During the Nights of Ramadaan.

  1. Social Services:

– Counselling    – Mediation    – Religious Marriage Ceremony.

– Distribution of Zakaat (Alms & Charities) to the poor and the needy in the community.

  1. Community Services:

– Annual Community Garage Sale         – Annual Winter Clothe drive.        – Annual Food Drive.

– Annual Community Picnic & BBQ    – “ Know Your Neighbours “  Annual Open House

– Iftaar (Breaking fast Meal) at sunset daily in the month of Ramadaan.

– Iftaar (Break fast meal)
Day of Arafah (9th of Dhul-Hijjah)
Day of Aashoora (10th of Muharram)

– Children Eid Gift Drive (in Eid Al-Fitr &  Eid A-Adha- registration is required)

– Community Service hours (for Volunteering High School Students)