About HDM

Hamilton Downtown Mosque, a vibrant Canadian religious non-for profit institution established in 1992, has been offering a variety of essential services to more than 5000 Canadian citizens and residents of the Muslim community in the central Hamilton area. This institution, and due to its strategic location in the heart of downtown Hamilton, has been playing a great role in enhancing the level of safety and security and enriching the quality of social life in downtown core.


The role of the mosque is to give community members a haven where they shall attain knowledge, increase in spirituality, receive resources and social services, and connect with others building bonds of fellowship.


As a tenet of our Islamic Faith, we inherently support the individual in striving to be an honorable Canadian citizen contributing to one’s society with good actions and words.   Thereby it is one of the main objectives of the Mosque to help the community as a whole in overcoming struggles to achieving a healthy, safe, and progressive neighborhood that we can all be proud of.


As of January 12, 2020

Postition Name
President Murshid Abdalla
Vice-President Abdiaziz Osman
Treasurer Syed Monawwar Bakht
Assistant Treasurer Madani Mahamat
Secretary Elkafi Hassini
Director Eskender Weday
Director Barkhad Abdi