After a long battle with cancer and a life filled with passion, noble work and dedication, Our dear brother Dr. Mohammad Khattab passed away on December 27th, 2020.

Dr. Khattab’s death is indeed a great loss for the entire Muslim community in the Greater Toronto and the Greater Hamilton areas.

Dr. Khattab was one of the founding pillars of two major mosques in Hamilton: Hamilton Downtown Mosque (221 York Blvd) and Hamilton Mountain Mosque (1545 Stone Church Rd. East).

I am personally a witness that Dr. Khattab stood and worked side by side with the construction workers in both mosques; day out and day in.  He was the driving force for the Hamiltonian community not just with his engineering expertise, but more importantly with his powerful and motivational Khutbahs and speeches and his outstanding wisdom.

Dr. Mohammad Khattab was the chair of the advisory council of Hamilton Downtown Mosque until today and has served in the advisory council of the Hamilton Downtown mosque and was indeed the backbone for the Imams and leaders of the Greater Hamilton area.

He was a great friend, an elder brother, and a wise advisor you can trust and rely on.

May Allah shower Dr. Khattab with His mercy and forgiveness, make his grave to be a garden of paradise, resurrect him with the prophets, the truthful ones, the martyrs, and the righteous ones, and May He make his abode be Jannatul Firdaws!

May Allah grant his beloved wife sister Om Ameer and their children and all of us patience and perseverance in this difficult time of loss!

Aameen ya Rabbal Aalameen

Shaikh Sayed Tora

*Student of Dr. Mohammad Khattab*

And Former Imam of Hamilton Downtown mosque

Current Imam of Hamilton Mountain Mosque

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