As-Salaam-Alaikum, Registration for the next Jumaah Friday, July 3, 2020, will be open on Tuesday, June 30, 2020, In Shaa Allah,
to allow enough time to check-in everyone, The doors will be open 12:45 PM. Jumaah prayers will be at 1:30 and second one 2:15 PM.

Please make sure that you register via The Masjid App ahead of the event. Volunteers will be there to check you in.

All adults are required to enroll individually with the full name and correct email address.
Please bring your confirmation email with you either on your device or a printout so that volunteers can scan you in.

When registering for the event, use multiple only for accompanying children (over 10 & under 18).

If you register for other adults you would be asked to provide their names at check-in.
And more importantly, YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE to report if those individuals are affected by COVID-19.

Registering through The Masjid App allows us to maintain the attendance roster electronically and
you will get notified by the system automatically in the event there is exposure to COVID-19.

We want to keep our community safe and ensure that in the event someone who was at a given event gets diagnosed with COVD-19
we are quickly able to reach out to all attendees from that day/event and advise them of any follow-up actions required.

Please take this seriously. The pandemic is not over. Let us stay safe and healthy and protect each other.
We are open to prayers but let us take necessary precautions and follow the rules.

If you have not downloaded the app then please download ASAP.

The Masjid App can be downloaded on both Android & iOS from below links:

Android –
iOS –